Aklo: many triggers are going off

3 sept 2013


In your world many triggers are going off, like fireworks. When it may seem all is lost, change finds its way in and what once was, no longer is. No one anticipated the changes to be instant, but what we are seeing now is collapsing time at its finest. In chess this is called 'checkmate', moves can be made, but the game is over.

You are just beginning to figure out what you came here to do, each one of you a different Light in the mix. Your uniqueness will inspire each other and more and more you will find new ways of how to live your lives, how to live together, how to be in harmony with Earth. 

In these circumstances changes will be welcomed like new pieces of art, thrusting humanity further and further beyond anything anyone of you could have even dreamed of.

Be open, be hopeful, expect change.


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