Sobrin: Sexual energy is a tremendously powerful force

24 july 2013

Outside in, inside out. Sobrin here, speaking for Zeta. We greet you with love and joy in our hearts. Where shall we begin? So many things to address, yet we will address only one today. The effect of consciousness of the one on the whole. 

We often see humans struggle with the notion of being able to cause a ripple effect in the collective consciousness. You see yourselves as small and not able to make a difference, but in truth one of you changes the course of the collective experience like a thruster can change the course of a rocket in space. Not much is needed, however it is still in your collective belief that you have to be with many and have to force change.

So this is how it starts, with struggle, resistance and fight, only because it is the collective belief that only this way change can be demanded. Yet change is easier, it can be achieved by the focussed attention or passion of a few.

Sexual energy is a tremendously powerful force, once humans learn how to harness this energy and direct it, there will not be need for struggle and fight anymore.

We are not suggesting an orgy :) that is misdirecting of energies in a harmfull way. For now we suggest to keep this thought in mind, the idea of harnessing sexual energy.

We won't take it further today. This is quite enough for you already.

This is Sobrin speaking for the Zeta collective.
Sweet dreams

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