Sobrin: everything is possible and nothing is what it once appeared to be

13 july 2013

As usual we greet you with the deepest respect. To receive us in your heart requires a degree of trust and surrender. In fact you know nothing about Zeta, most of it is influenced by rumors, yet you choose to be open, uninhibited, fearless. Our affection for you grows by the day. 

The days that humankind on the Earth is under the assumption that he lives alone and isolated are nearing their end rapidly. The introduction of the greater 'reality' will not be accepted with smooth elegance by everyone. 

There are inevitable stages that everyone will have to go through, denial, bewilderment, fear, wonder, but also a deep sense of acknowledgement, recognition and security. 

Your perspective will suddenly open wide and you will have the feeling that everything is possible and nothing is what it once appeared to be.

Happy those who are more awake, happy those who see the possibilities, the changes will instill on them less anxiety than on those that approach such drastic changes from an attitude of resistance. 

Or to speak, in the metaphor of the river, drift to the middle and let yourself be carried away by the current. 

Have patience, we understand the disappointment all too well. The collective must reach the point at which it will make things happen, not that things aren't already in motion. The conditions under which disclosure may occur are becoming more ​​favorable by the day. 

Zeta will not be present during the introductory period, that will be for a later date.


Sobrin speaking for Zeta,
your wish is the same as ours,
with confidence


  1. More and more tell us, that something big will happen so soon. :) Thank you Jared! <3

    1. Thanks Isabel, personally I am not focussed on 'big things happening soon' anymore, I hardly read channeled messages nowadays, but this message obviously wanted to come through :) The night before I had a 'visitor' and if it was Zeta, well, then they are not little at all :D this being was over 2 meters tall and only just fit into my room! To my disappointment it faded quickly. I wish I could remember more... I think... frustrating.