Valme'ata: humans incorporate many traits from many species

17 june 2013

I wish my welcome could be in person one day, but for now this is the preferred way to communicate between my world, my reality and yours. 

Well done, you are doing very well, connecting the dots, learning more and more about human's past, about our presence. You learn some species may claim themselves well advanced, but the fighting amongst humans merely reflects their own weaknesses. 

Humans incorporate many traits from many species, while attempts have been made to shut down many of those traits that could be a threat to those who are not aware of Love being the key to real progress. In vain I tell you, no matter how much effort is put into the enslavement of human beings, their very nature, their very core is able to process through the very worst of traits that were unknowingly put there by the manipulators that thought they had everything figured out.

As with everything, the responsibility lies not with an entire species, but with individuals within species that have agendas of their own. These agendas are  ALWAYS driven by fear. Their own fear.

The fear you humans experience is a reflection of theirs. And it is you humans that will lead the way. Tell you a little secret: your ability to change fear into Love is their only hope. They have no faith, they aren't even going to go there, because they don't believe it is possible.

By no means are we exagerating when we say that you shine so very brightly. Once the light has a  foot in the door it will expand, it is inevitable.

We'll continue another moment.



  1. Thank you Jared and Valme'ata for this wonderful message! Love to you! <3 <3 <3

  2. Thank you for this wonderful message! blogging ♥ love you sweet friend ♥