Nu Kobalan: there are no heroes, yet they are everywhere

3 June 2013
Nu Kobalan

Sometimes life seems so hard to deal with and yet from our perspective your light shines more brilliant than ever, than anyone could have hoped for. 

Children, you are amazing. Forging ahead in territories unseen. Let no fear slow you down, send more love instead.

Invitations are accepted. 

When all will fall away that no longer serves anyone, you will find your way with ease. 

Meeting your brothers and sisters will make an impression to last lifetimes. Meeting the rest of your family will fill you with confidence. You are not forgotten, your trust will not be betrayed.

Each in your own way is contributing and each contribution is valuable. This is a joined effort, you are not the only players. There are no heroes, yet they are everywhere. 

Hold on a little bit longer and lift your spirits high.

So tell me, what do you imagine it will be like when your limited life becomes unlimited once again. Not limited by any restrictions that still keep you bogged down right now. It is your destiny, so you might as well start thinking about it ;)

As always, in loving embrace,
Teacher and student alike

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