Sobrin: Consciousness can overwrite existing programs

22 may 2013

A good evening, this is Sobrin. Zeta is pleased that you are open to contact and that you recognized what was put on your path. 

As you feel excited about the fact that everything you encountered increasingly pointed to what Zeta already told you earlier, Zeta in turn is delighted in your growth and indeed your wonderment about these facts that are supported by science and are not merely unfounded ideas. 

We don't need to ask for you to pay attention, the blocks of information fit well within your frame of existing knowledge. 

Zeta has a preference for substantiated knowledge based on science, but please note that science and consciousness don't necessarily rule each other out. Earlier we already showed you that everything can be used for both good or bad.

No matter how awake you are, how healthy you live, how succesful you are in manifesting your reality ... (?) Consciousness overrules, it determines, it has a big say in things. 

There is talk of free will, but it is restricted by the limitations of the perception of consciousness. Consciousness is the ability to understand the bigger picture. Consciousness can overwrite existing programs, but only if it knows how and why. He who seeks, finds. 

A good night.

*Your mind is 90% subconscious mind, and about 10% conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is able to process 40 million bits of input per second (!) while your conscious mind is able to process 40 bits per second (!). 

However, your conscious mind is creative and can reflect on itself. Your subconscious mind on the other hand is totally habitual, it learns a program and repeats it forever and ever and ever and ever until it is reprogrammed. (Compare it to a cassette player with a record button, if you don't hit the record button and reprogram, it will play the same tape over and over again ├índ is a million times more powerfull than your conscious mind) 

Until the age of 6, children are just downloading programms that their environment feeds them, they are not conscious yet, they are just 'recording'. These tapes will keep playing for the rest of their lives, unless they reprogram them! (excerpt from a lecture by Bruce Lipton in 2007 in Seattle)

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