Sobrin: consciously steer your subconscious mind

May 6, 2013


Sobrin on behalf of Zeta, I am pleased with our connection. It is a good day to talk to each other again. Zeta introduced you to the use of mind control and we see positive progress. As you have discovered by now mind control can be used for all sorts of purposes, also for purposes that are beneficial to you.

The phenomenon is not new to you, but this time the choices you make are to your advantage. We look forward to seeing the results. Zeta always respects your decisions, we merely put matters on your path and clarify their meaning.

There are certain aspects of human nature that clearly could use a push in the right direction and the use of mind control is a good method. You know it mainly in a negative way, but remember that all methods can and should also be used in a positive way. Take advantage of this.

Do you notice all that repeating and reinforcing? Zeta explicitly points out to you to repeat the good and reinforce it, express it in as many ways as you can. Repeat and reinforce, repeat and reinforce.

Mind control is not the law of the strongest, but someone who has no control of his own thoughts is an easy prey to suggestion. We urge you therefore to take this power back, it is because of this that you have been guided like sheep and it is because of this that you can easily take it back! 

It's almost too ridiculous for words to see how much is required to keep your mind under control and it will surely evoke resistance as you become aware of this. However, the only thing you have to do is 1) you disconnect (through meditation) and 2) you consciously steer your thoughts.

This is nothing new, again, with the difference that you are going to consciously steer your subconscious mind, the part of your consciousness that uncritically accepts everything and was meant to do exactly that. Here the belief systems (old programs) reside, that have reached the end of their usefulness.

Consciously steering your subconscious mind also involves the intentional use of frequencies to affect brainwaves. Make use of this knowledge, your physical body can use some relief during this time. Zeta will put more on your path, but also requires you to stay alert and to follow your heart.


We thank you for your trust and know your reservations, we do not blame you.
Sobrin (on behalf of Zeta) wishes you a good night.

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