Aklo: The wisest teachers you could wish for

26 march 2013

Wonderful world. Aklo here, all is well. Feeling great today, feeling the full moon shine down on you and dreaming, my love. Yes, smile, for I am nearby, I am close to you. If only you could see the multitudes surrounding you now, you'd be oh-ing and ooh-ing the rest of the night :)

You can feel it, you can sense it. Yes, at night you sense the movements. You are not alone, you are dearly loved and it is amazing to see how it is all neatly coming together. You dance a beautifull dance, we are in awe. Your light is shining brighter and brighter, your love is reaching deeper and deeper. Don't be suprised at that, it is your gift that is unfolding and it is touching hearts. 

--- (here Aklo talked about my little bird 'Charlie' who died a couple of days ago) ---

In body he was a little bird, but you are well aware that Charlie also is much more than just a body. Animals you keep as pets are keeping you company on more levels than you would imagine. They accept a life in emprisonment, because they are very aware of their true freedom. 

They derive joy from being with you, for they have very sensitive antennas that pick up on your feelings and emotions quite easily. You don't know this, but they are transmuting as much as they possibly can into Light. In turn you also give them benefit by your love for them, and your joy as you watch them. Not one of you remains unaffected by each other's energy. 

They don't reason as humans do and they rarely view their situation as miserable. Even when they are in the stage of transitioning, meaning when they become ill, they are content with the circumstances. They reason very differently from you human beings indeed. 

Of course you will feel bad when you see a little one suffering and it is good for you to send your love in these circumstances and do everything you feel will help them, but don't remain in suffering yourself. It is in these times that the little ones will benefit when you 'stay strong'. 

Now some people will shut their hearts --- due to their own circumstances. They will distance themselves from their pets and seem to judge very lightly over life and death, this also is well. Remember not to judge yourself and remember that in truth no one will be lacking love. 

Animals will not lament over owners that do not mourn them while they are transitioning. --- They come here to assist the humans and they leave with a sense of completion, no matter what. You know, these little ones are really very wise, usually old souls. Old not in age, but in wisdom. 

Why do you think there are spirit guides in the form of animals? If these ones are giving you wisdom, better pay attention, because these are the wisest teachers you could wish for.

It is time to go to sleep. You did see the light in the corner of your right eye, yes? That is 'management' telling us it is time for bed ;)
Eternally yours,

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