Nu Kobalan: to new hights this Universe will be lifted

18 march 2013
Nu Kobalan

Let go of perfection, leave room for mistakes. Your teachers were not smart to punish you for imperfections, that's when your creativity was shamed out of you. Now you understand this, we say to you: take it back, it is fully yours.

That is where your dreams stop, that is where your imagination is limited,  you are still shamed in your beliefs for expansion beyond what is deemed possible or even appropriate.

We are releasing new information slowly and wide, so it can soak in. Also we are not concerned about getting this through to the majority as only small amounts of humans are going to be able to process this data.

In fact it is not new knowledge to you, but the way you process it is.

There needs to be a balance within, an awareness of all things connected. This way knowledge will not lead to destruction, but to new hights this Universe will be lifted. No one will be left behind.

New challenges will arise, but they will be faced through new eyes and we will seek for new ways to overcome these.

This message came so fast and unexpected, I had hardly time to grab my notebook. Also it had no usual ending statement. 


  1. altijd zo een pracht van woorden! re-blogged :) Liefs xxx

  2. Thank you both <3 Oh, you have no idea Dee, but you just set of some wild synchronicities, great! :D