Nu Kobalan: Traversing layers

6 march 2013
Nu Kobalan

Nu, I want to connect with you.

The feeling is mutual, dear. What a week it has been, your mood changed in a positive way and you were able to maintain your balance and cheer quite well. Keep on laughing and smiling and generally doing things that make you feel good or do things to make it even nicer. That is the right tactic to use. 

You have been summing up tremendous numbers of things that you were grateful for and yes, that is the way to go! Use it as fully as you can at any given moment, it will get stronger, will increase, for it is like composting soil. With every little bit of joy or gratitude or laughter or peace or balance you add, you will also add to the fertility of your life experience and that of every being that is here with you on Earth. Think about that for a moment.

You were introduced to this idea and it sparked, we could feel it. Every little thing you add, gives life to the waking up of humanity and every being will benefit from it. O my dear, you think so little of yourself and your power, yet if only you knew and believe what difference anything you put your attention to makes. Let go of outcomes and just do what your heart tells you to, if it is silent in your heart, try not to do much and if your heart swings into action, you will too, there is no stopping you then. 

How I would like to see you appreciating yourself and your abilities more, o my dear heart, is there anyone more critical of what he does than you? You weigh your every word or action on scales that register even a worm breaking wind! Love yourself more, treat yourself kinder, caress yourself and your thoughts and value each of your expressions, whether you would think of them as good or bad. 

How do I do that?

Throw away the scales :)


Listen, my dear, you have taken on a great responsibility when you decided to come here and live through this experience. Know that you are, on a higher level, very aware of that. This was no stroll in the park. And yet, for you, in your body, it should be exactly that: easy. Be easy on yourself and let your higher self take care of the responsibility, for that part of yourself is fully up to the task. 

The part of you that is here on Earth is here to behave like a human being and feel all the things a female with your characteristics would experience given the circumstances you are presented with. It has to do with faith. You are connected, you and your higher self. Trust that your higher self is fully capable of guiding you and steering you and having you make exactly the right decisions at exactly the right moment. Trust.

You represent civilisations and worlds, other worlds, other beings from other Universes, yes UniverseS! You are right in thinking you are no more than others, but you are not less either! You are just... different. You all come from different layers. It has nothing to do with distance! It has nothing to do with space. What is outside is also inside, what is far is close as well. Think overlayers. Worlds and worlds and worlds, on top of one another, layer after layer after layer, all smashed as it were, into a 'flat' pancake. Yet no one bumps into eachother, for they don't take up the same 'space' (that doesn't exist).

Space doesn't exist??

No, it is part of the illusion, part of just one layer. 

Yet, we are not alone in the Universe?

The Universe is teeming with life, however the Universe is just one small, very small piece of just one very small layer. We are talking traversing layers here. There is no distance in some layers, traverse between layers and you can go anywhere. Just choose your layers wisely :) 

This should not be a decision of the mind, for logic won't get you anywhere here. Exactly why there is no point in trying to explain this to you by giving you the formula for Existence, for your mind is not able to hold this information. There is value in conveying this information to your heart however, we do that by sending patterns and 'images' in between the lines in these messages.

Your reality is solid, but is also very fluid. You are the shapers, the benders, the makers, the creators of this reality and you not only cán change it, you change it, period. You cannot undo a wall for example and if you run into it, you will bump your nose. The reason you cannot undo it, is because your belief is limited to that. No need to really squeeze very hard in trying to bend your beliefs, that's not how it works. Yes, we are moving fast now. Wonderful, bear with us.

Your reality shapes and forms around you, first energetically, then finally materially (we skipped some layers here). Since it is a collective reality, each of your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs makes a difference. It takes 'time' before a collective realises it has a certain desire it wants to manifest collectively, usually it needs some fuel to get the focus going. Then it takes some and some more and yet some more and even more. 

Fortunately the human collective is not the only reality shaping influence in the neighbourhood. There are other collectives also shaping the whole, within which there is the human collectiveness creating their own 'world', that is constantly influenced by these other collectives. 

The human collectiveness will be challenged by the other collectives to drop their limiting beliefs and look beyond, look further than their own little world they have created. They become more aware. They awaken.

Now, we have come a long way tonight in conveying much about the layers we did not speak openly about some time ago. Your hearts will guide you through these layers, not your minds. The key is to change your limiting beliefs. You will become aware of existance within other layers, not the existance of 'others', but of your 'Selves'. Now can you see why I told you you were within me? 

The way your hearts are able to guide you through the layers is your becoming like children who still believe anything is possible. Because, my dear, as you know anything ís possible.

With pride I wish you a good night's sleep and not before telling you how much I've enjoyed our conversation tonight. Closer than ever, 

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