Sobrin: the Zeta collective

21 march 2013

Just to be sure I started this session with the TAUK board.

TAUK board: 
Venkom (?) Welcome.

Our connection can be seen as the provisional heart connection with Zeta. This connection will reflect the Zeta collective. 

Zeta is very pleased with this connection because it provides a portal to the world of humanity. Zeta is very committed to humanity and desires to be part of her victory over her longterm oppression, in order to assist her in her development.

Zeta also wishes to take responsibiliy for the role that Zeta has played and bring to the light the truth about her role. Zeta works in the background on deeper levels and can be very successful in these areas, with the consent of the person involved. 

Zeta understands the inconvenience that is caused by not understanding the whole truth and will never force anything. Cooperation is deeply appreciated in order to fulfill our role.

My name is Sobrin, I speak for the Zeta collective and I am the one maintaining the heart connection. I am very pleased to take on this task and share in the experience. Which is new and sometimes has unexpected surprises. 

On deeper levels Zeta works with connections and asks you to trust in her venture. Your Light builds the bridge through which Zeta can complete her operation. In turn Zeta will assist you too, provided that you are open for it. 

With deepest respect. Sobrin speaking for Zeta. Guarding this connection with Love.

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