Nu Kobalan: This is no solo mission

14 Februari 2013
Nu Kobalan

After many messages in which we worked with you personally, we'd like to address all of you again. 

Before you received this communication with us, we asked you to meditate for a couple of minutes and after this preparation you felt how tired you were. Take notice of this and see it as your indicator for the pace with which all of you are proceeding. 

We mentioned the phrase breakneck speed to Diana before. Indeed all are hurling through time and all are destined to arrive. This part of the journey is rather uncomfortable for many, it is the time of great opposites both within yourselves as in the world around you. This will pass.

Try not to be swept up in the highs or lows of the confusion. Breathe... breathe and trust your own heart more than all of the reasons being dangled in front of you.

Your heart - your breathe - yourself, make this connection. Make this connection with who you are. You are loved, you are Love, you are all and ALL is well.

This is no solo mission and you are not being tested, we are all part of this unfolding, each playing their part. There is no judgement, there are no mistakes.

Thoughts are the rudder of your vessel, use any and all excuse to make them good or at least better without fooling your heart. Try and see things in a new way, be creative and never be afraid to ask for assistance. Your guides are waiting for your invitation and are eager to show themselves in the subtle (or not so subtle) signs for those who are looking for them.

Don't believe for a moment that you are alone. Reach out and connect with that larger part of you. You are all doing very well, we are heading for our destination, with everyone on board.

Sleep well, 

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