Valme'ata: Something will give

8 jan 2013

A good evening it is. It has been a while in your perception of time since we last exchanged energies. How you have grown and what progress all of you have made. It is truly exhilerating to watch. 

Due to certain processes we stepped back a little, no need for us to step in at this time. A regrouping and re-calling of strategies, o what a magnificent play to be part of. 

No need to be dishartened truly if you could see how this is unfolding. We as soulfamilies will be reunited. First within, than without, without any hindrance and above all without fear.

Yes, a process with progress, but you can forget the smooth curving lines. As you have noticed very sharp lines, highs and percieved lows not in any gradual buildup. As we are able to foresee from our perspective, something will give. It will not give gradually, as nothing in this process has been nicely foreseen and predicted correctly.

So we see it snap like a rubber band that has been put under more and more strain. And as you may have a difficult time with the dragg and the seeming status quo of your lives, know that on a deeper level the strain is mounting and something will give, sooner or later.

Your ever increasing Light is causing more strain on the rubber band, so to speak, as are other factors weighing in. Your sun being another of those influences. Watch her closely and have no fear, for you are informed that she is your ally.

Give your mother Earth a cuddle and d├│ connect with her, any way you feel you are called to. Of all the things you do, it is your intention that is of the most importance. 

And remember that all is well!


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