Nu Kobalan: with Love ánything is possible

1 jan 2013
Nu Kobalan

Our connection is very strong, set aside all doubt my dear. It is good to be cautious, but you know how to protect yourself and the message itself would give you the best clues as to whom you are connecting with.

I wish you a very happy new year, a new fresh start with many inspiring people you connect with. I have to smile here, because you are still so unaware of all the connections you are engaged in, and yet you yearn for more. Your heart's desire has connection written all over it.

Yes, I encourage you to connect to people around you on a deeper level. Synchronicities will tell you whether or not connections are actually grasped by the other party.

Don't worry about words or messages, it is the essence of the intention that will be picked up by them. And by you, yes open your heart and be still. Listen. You will find it quite natural quite soon.

If all of a sudden you find yourself thinking about someone, be open and send Love, you can do that :) Don't expect words, allthough it is ok to have a nice chat, even if it is only one in your mind.

It is your heart that will be sending and receiving and all expressions of Love are allowed. Become more intuitive, get more creative in your expressions, have a ball!

So again, Love is the essence here, forget having an argument this way :) for without Love there is no true connection possible. With Love, ánything is possible. And with Love ány message is heard.

In loving embrace,

One question Nu... what if people want to connect with Spirit?

Go within, be still and go within (your heartspace). Nothing secret or difficult about it. Go there with all your questions, problems, doubts. If someone wants to connect with Spirit, Spirit has already called them and they will find what they are seeking.

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