Nu Kobalan: In your Universe change is a constant

25 dec 2012
Nu Kobalan

Finally connected again. It feels good especially after you have concluded this particular phase in such a graceful and splendid way.

For those still in doubt we'd like to say as we have said before that in your Universe change is a constant. 

By the passing of these dates a very different dynamic has arisen in your collective consciousness and although by some of you new dates will be picked and lived up to, they will never have the magic of the ones that came and went.

Magic, for many connected in Love an prayer of some kind far outshone the ones that separated themselves in fear.

As we have also said, things are shifting, not in a dramatic cataclysmic way, but dramatic never the less. Do not underestimate the effect of the energies that are still washing over you, cleansing will continue to take place, within and without. 

Do not underestimate your success either. These days are truly days of celebration, days of connection and most of all days of joy.

Be aware now, my dear, of what you give your attention to. Being grateful is an excellent state of mind.

As always right by your side,


  1. Wonderful! Thank you sweet friend and reblogged of course :) Wishing you a wonderful festivities. Thank you for your friendship and connection, glad to have you! ♥ Méline

  2. Thank you Méline, the feelings are mutual :) Have a sparkling new year filled with Love, health, abundance and happiness <3