Nu Kobalan: Force yourself into relax mode

11 dec 2012
Nu Kobalan

(I was asked to share this personal message with you as it may be of benefit to others as well.)

I am with you now and not moving from your side, our connection is strong and it will continue to aid you in your humongous undertaking. We are in awe as we see all this unfold, my dear. 

No even we don't know every detail of what is to be, although we have a pretty good knowing of where we all are heading. It is you who decide, you have a say in all this and dear let me tell you that you are being heard.

Nothing is more important than to resolve this experience successfully with everyone on board. Again we call on your common sense not to judge one another, for you have no idea what your soul is up to, or theirs for that matter. 

Layers upon layers upon layers and who can see the whole picture? Let go, detach, follow your heart instead of your fearfull mind. Call on us to help you with this, we understand how difficult this is for you.

Aches and pains in your body, yes, awkward, let your worrisome thoughts go though. Great feelings of sadness, yes, acknowledge them and don't worry about feeling them either. It is clearing and sweeping big time, unblocking, flushing, great physical upheaval in your body, in your cells, in your head. Acknowledge these symptoms for what they are and worry about them not.

Force yourself into relax mode, imagine water running down from your head to your feet and breathe 'all is well'. All is truly changing, shifting. Move with it, even if at times your ride is not so smooth.

Now for the vision you had of me. It was not what you expected, but I feel your love for me and I feel proud that indeed the shape I showed you did not alter our connection in a negative way.

Remember I can present to you in any form or shape I like. They will however always trigger some... I would not say memories, but also won't bother you with things like 'Lightcodes', so I will call it things... some things deep inside.

With these things to ponder...
I wish you a very good night indeed.
In loving embrace, Nu.