SaLuSa: understand that all is connected (as channeled through Jared)

23 Nov 2012

I welcome you again dear friend. It is good to connect, for connection is often what is missing when reconnection is truly what we desire. Raising vibration connects, but there is so much more that benefits you if you could get connected again. All is connected and it would be of great benefit to remember what that means.

You talked about not knowing the simple basics of life, yet they are not so simple at all if you want to get to the core of them. They are simple to understand and apply even, but to understand the basics is to understand that all is connected, that all is One. Under these circumstances that is not the easiest thing to understand.

You did gét that the 'theme' of this message was connectedness :) Connectedness is what is going to be pivotal. When connected you are a great body of Light. Set aside your differences, know you are all One and every variation serves it's purpose in the Whole.

Your itchy judgement-finger is a sign of fear. Know this and soften your hearts, for there is nothing to fear. Your place in the Whole is eternally assured, nothing you do can get you expelled from it.

Except when you believe you got somehow disconnected from it. You didn't, but the effects are debilitating. Those who act in disconnection are not all of a sudden seperated from the Whole. There is only One.

The desire to reconnect is unstoppable. All your efforts in this regard are paying off and those witnessing your uplifting, ascension, reconnection are in awe of your perseverance, your determination, your courage and the accomplishment you are collectively achieving.

You have done this many times before and undoubtably will do it again eagerly when the opportunity arises.

I am SaLuSa, eagerly awaiting our reconnection.


  1. Thank you both so much for this beautiful message, can't wait to be reconnected with all that is.

  2. Thank you Jared! sharing of course :-) Glad to see this :-)