Nu Kobalan: There is more to it

9 nov 2012
Nu Kobalan

Experience makes more sense than words, you have been told by us before that there is more to it than beings living on planets far away. Trying to explain this would be futile. You'll have to take our word for it, for now.

We cán tell you that whenever you think you've got it figured out, well... you didn't. Think of the most magnificent and wild theory you can come up with and it won't be anything near that.

For your understanding, for now, some if not all theories or understandings will do and will serve your interests in the best way at this time. So allow all others their understandings and beliefs. They will change for all of you as experience will take you further on your path.

No, my dear, you will not be disappointed, for it will be an expanding of your understanding and all will make perfect sense to you. As your experience will leave old understandings shattered, know that Love is the cord that will lead you safely into 'new' territory. 

Know that all is well. Enjoy this.

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