SaLuSa: the power of united intent (as channeled through Jared)

29 october 2012

Not one step is taken without our knowing about it, we are with you every step of the way and things are going extremely well for all of you, whether you are awake or not. Unprecedented strides are made in all areas of your lives, you have tipped the scales, changed the outcome and gaining momentum now. 

There was no doubt in my mind that you would be successful. My doubt would not have been beneficial for anyone, not for you and certainly not for me. Wavering is not a thing the Galactic forces allow themselves to do.

The efforts made at humanity's expense to start more mayhem as the energies that are pouring down on you and Mother Earth are increasing by the day, are not allowed.

You will witness the power of united intent to soften the blow and will find this storm not to be the large scale disaster as it was portrayed to be. Those of you that focussed will also notice resentment of the way the media has swept up more wind so to speak. 

We urge you to let go of the resentment and focus instead on your new found ability of united intending and with it your clarity on media tactics of fear mongering and suggestions, repeating stories that make you cringe and building layer upon layer of sensation. The more of you that see through these tactics, the sooner we are able to paint a whole different picture whenever disaster is looming.

Not long from now you will jump at the opportunity to use tactics of a reversed nature instead.

You will for a moment look back and wonder why no one thought of this before, because it will have become your second nature to offer assistance instead of sensation.

All in due time, you can't run before you can walk and it is not even advisable to do so. We are aware of your feeling of urgency, but we can assure you that everything will arrive exactly at the right moment, including you. 

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and nothing pleases me more than to welcome you all back home again.


  1. Thanks Méline <3 I just thought let's try it :)

    1. Wow!! so glad to see this!!!!!!!! :-) :-) I am glad it helped you and it so hilarious :) It is so good and a succes! I love this message ♥♥ Well done and congrats! Méline ♥

  2. Dear Jared,

    Thank you or this great message, it makes me feel that I'm very close to home.

    Love. light and laughter.

  3. Thank you Rianne ♥ You may want to check out the message SaLuSa gave to us via Mike Quinsey in Sedona yesterday :)

  4. thank you Jared! wonderful message...people need to hear and know this for sure! my feelings exactly :)thank you!♥