Nu Kobalan: You gét that you are powerful beings

22 october 2012
Nu Kobalan

Weeks and months are speeding by now and I am aware that the shift is on your mind. However, you have a different approach to it now than just a couple of months ago and that is a good thing.

You have come to realise that instead of waiting for a certain date to arrive when things are going to shift or change dramatically, this turn-around has already started and all of you are right in the middle of it.

Those of you who have paid attention to their inner world, know how much has changed there already. The inner world, the world in your hearts and minds always shifts first. By that I mean all the things you consider normal, all the things that are just 'not done', all beliefs you let go of and replace gradually with new understandings. 

This world, my friends, has already preceded the new world that is taking shape before your eyes. You have already shaped it and continue to do so, for as we have told you before, in this Universe nothing ever stays the same for very long.

The difference with how it has been for ages is that now you know you are not small and limited, helpless beings and you reacquaint yourself with the true nature of who you really are.

You gét that you are powerful beings, creators and you gét that you are not dependent upon conditions to be the Love that you are.

That is all for now,
All is well, it could not be any other way

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  1. Jeetje, nu pas gezien dat je een nieuwe hebt gechanneld! Ik vind hem zeer goed en voelt goed aan! Ik deel hem op mijn page op Facebook ♥ Dank je lieve Jared ♥