Nu Kobalan: all is well

September 11, 2012
Nu Kobalan

(I asked what to expect of changes or shifts, are things going to change... ever?)

It's been a while since we had contact. You were doing well, you were in the flow, and we don't interfere. We welcome the contact that you are trying to make with your Higher Self, but in fact that contact has always been there. My dear, do not be so critical, follow your heart, follow your dreams, it is you that calls new possibilities into life. You wonder whether it is going to happen or if everything stays the same. It is the last straw (that breaks the camel's back).

Be sure you didn't just land here by accident. Tell me, did your life ever get stuck for good, did anything ever in your life stay the same? Then you also know that in this Universe staying the same is NOT an option. 

Be kind to yourself. The best attitude towards others you can have in the following period is that of no resistance at all. This is in line with not getting yourself involved in solving other people's problems for them. Their creations must play out as they want. Limit your focus here, don't encourage it, but don't be so strict as in recent days, because that way in sparing them you keep your own good feelings pinched off. This is your passionate nature, your strongest trait :)

It is better to focus your passion on what is not in your face. But it is easy for us to speak of this, it is you who are in the middle of it. And if only you wère in the middle of it, now you are waiting for it, you get frustrated, your passion is leveling off, and yet ... everything goes according to plan. You are ready and no, nothing stays the same.

You yourself have known periods of great change, you know they are really tough as they come and you know you will adapt. 

There will still be ridicule in some people's mouthes, when it is clear that nothing will remain the same. Others foresee the end (of the world) and it is wise to duck for a moment. Everyone will in their own way try to explain events or deny them, here it is also wise to duck for a moment. Seal your lips for a while, because you will not understand everything either, let alone explain it clearly to others. You know people and how much they are actually able to hear and see.

Your job is to rejoice, the wait is over, a new journey begins. Be open for it, let it happen and know that all is well in your world.

Until we meet again,

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  1. Just saw you posted this! thank you for this message! Truly apreciated adn sharing on my blog ♥