Valme'ata: your waiting has become expecting

22 aug 2012

Bringers of the Light, seekers of Truth. 

It's good to reconnect, things are going well, we are proud because of your progress. We knew you would succeed, but the progress we see exceeds by far our expectations.

Many of you have managed to find balance and regain balance, you create what you focus on. This knowledge is rediscovered amid the forgetfulness, exactly as intended.

You are waiting, but it is different than before, it is now an expecting, a knowing. Little remains to be added.

Realize that those who make use of this knowledge in a backwards way have no power anymore, they are powerless against those who use it as it is intended.

You often played with the idea of ​​'what if everything is the way it is now, by the way I directed it'. That idea closely approaches reality.

Your choice is clear and what you choose will shape reality, because this desire is powerful. What if everyone created their own reality, what if it is so?

What keeps you from reaching for the stars?



  1. Thank you Valme'ata and Jared for this wonderful message. <3

  2. dank je Jared! xxx zend je veel liefde en groetejes