Sobrin speaking for Zeta

Sobrin speaking for Zeta, august 1 2012

We are Zeta, we greet you and share with you the tremendous joy we are experiencing together with you our beloved Lightworkers. 

Zeta Reticuli have not been considered very highly by most of you, that is understandable, yet we will put the record straight and will beyond a shadow of a doubt make our true essence known to all of you. We will also shed light on your history and ours.

Of all species we are indeed the most keen on disclosing and have been allowed to play a suitable role in all of this forthcoming drama. Although we now call it drama because of the sheer impact on many of earth's inhabitants, we do so lovingly, for the impact will be twofold for almost all of you.

When the drama is played out, many, oh so many will come to the realization what it all means to them, how it will change their outlook on life in an overwhelmingly positive way. They will finally too start to understand who they themselves are and the interconnectedness of everything.

Focus now on your Love-Light essence and truly let us be the ones to engage in the games your leaders are obviously still not tired of playing.

Have faith and know that the die has been cast.


AA Michael, july 29 2012

(I asked about the identity of the craft I witnessed the day before. Here are some of the statements I received:)

Zeta, because you insist.

Not all Zeta's are creepy, you can be delighted they did a flyby!

Zeta's are closer associated to you than most of you think.

The Zeta's that are affiliated to us are full Galactic citizens, however not all Zeta's are affiliated to us, just as not all human species are affiliated to us either.


  1. ah, je hebt het toch gepost en laten doorkomen?! geweldig gedaan, Jared! Leuk dit te lezen, bedankt xx

  2. Thank you Jared! This is interesting!