Nu Kobalan: allow what you already have created

(Since a couple of weeks I am reading the Abraham-Hicks material again)

7 August 2012
Nu Kobalan

It is all joy to finally see you experimenting with mind control, albeit in the form of contolling your own thoughts in order to manifest your reality. Oh how wonderful to join you as you enjoy life. This, my girl, is who you are.

This is the focus I talked about earlier, but now you have re-discovered it and guess what? You will quickly realize how powerful you are, how powerful this 'mind control' works out. Really, you now resemble a magnet that draws all beautiful things unto itself. Also notice how your intuition is much sharper. Oh girl, this is your power, your own thoughts.

"Why didn't you just tell me? It's so simple" *

There's more power behind it if you discover this for yourself. Moreover, you simply would not have heard it. Could not have heard it. Now was the time that this message got through to you and I am very pleased.

You know now what to 'do' and you've got a good idea why what you wanted seemingly hasn't tangibly manifested yet. Seemingly, because you create all you focus your thoughts on, it's already there. Now you only have to allow it.

"I am delighted to learn that taking action makes little sense if I'm not aligned with who I am and that when I am aligned with myself so much can change without a lot of effort."

You already know this in your heart, you just had no answer to the unknowingness (not knowing) of the people around you. And they also would not be able to hear if you would try to explain.

There is much ... said and written about Ascension. In my personal opinion Ascension is no more and no less than being aware and being able to apply certain Universal laws in a good way. However, I will be the last to thwart a good lesson in discernment. All these lessons are extremely valuable. When everything comes together, all the lessons, discoveries, it will fit together like a 3D puzzle. Everything falls into place and rejoice about it if that happens, because once learned it is never again forgotten.

Back off from other people's "problems" is one (valuable lesson) as well. Respect other people's creations ...

Keep on dreaming, I'm with you.

* at least the concept is ;)

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