Valme'ata: the power with which you break through

July 20, 2012


I am the one who is speaking today on behalf of the Council of Odorlon even if I do not sit on the Board. It is good to have contact again, thank you for the trust you place in me.

This is the Council of Odorlon speaking, we nudged you yesterday that we wanted to speak, but of course we always respect your free will in this. We too are pleased with the trust you place in us.

What you may or may not want to reveal of our message is up to you, we trust your judgment as we always rely on your talents. We would like to see you doing the same, but let's not stray too far from the theme we want to share with you.


It may not feel this way, but we see the power with which you break through as a collective. For you it almost seems to stand still, your expectations are high and rising by the day and also the way the transition will proceed is crystallizing increasingly clear in your collective expectations.

Don't be put off, as if that were possible, and keep crystallizing your future in any way your heart tells you.

Remember that each of the LightBringers gives form to that in his own way.

Everyone who creates healing within themselves, adds to the collective.
Anyone who raises their vibration, adds to the collective.
Who gets up and speaks their truth, adds to the collective.
They who risk life and limb to unearth wrongdoing, add to the collective.
They who fill their heart with Love, add to the collective.
They who release, add to the collective.
They who have hope, add to the collective.

We can go on to list all of your individual efforts, but our point is clear.
Don't turn on eachother, let each instrument have its own sound heard at the right moment and trust us that none of you are out of tune. You really are all Masters of the piece that is played. We are only reminding you of this.

Watch over your thoughts and words, always choose the Loving ones. This was our message, our encouragement for you and who ever wants to hear.
We admire your efforts and carry you in our hearts forever.
The Board of Odorlon closes this transmission.


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