Valme'ata: Failure is an illusion


Get pen and paper.

"I will have to get the paper ..."

You would be amazed at how patient I can be. Get a notebook to take note of our messages in future, we're going to pass more than has hitherto been the case. Sheets of paper are no longer sufficient.

We also want you to become much more unrestrained in the collection of our messages. You decide what you want to share with others. That may be portions or entire messages, but we ask you to write what comes to mind without censoring.

Our communication style is different than that of other channelers, so be it. The cosmos is characterized by variation, let us not become picky about whether your style is in line with those of others. That will not be the case and that is exactly as planned.

Not every writing style, will be equally beneficial for everyone, let it be so, please, from now on no more filter Diana, as we said before, we are still responsible for the message we give.

How do you like this speed?


Ok, let us now proceed with our message. Nu Kobalan spent the day with you yesterday, he is deeply impressed, he says. He had no idea of the gravity of the experiences on Earth, but now he is up to date. He'll just have to process all this, the experience was an unexpected hefty delight. He is totally amazed by your courage to live through this day after day and was very pleased with the little moments that you enjoyed the nature around you.

This is what you should do more often, your life as it is now is totally out of balance with this blissful feeling being the exception rather than the rule. Nature is not in its full glory, but still can offer much balance and happiness, use it as much as possible. Nu promisses to help you with this.

Also, your breath is too often superficial, Nu advises you to regularly consciously breathe deeply the fresh air outside and feel how this opens you.

And stretch, stretch your body, move your whole body more. Try dance, we put it on your path if you like.

"Yes, I would like that ..."

The way you plow through your day now stagnates the flow of energy and blocks the flow of it to all your cells.

Nu has more to report. The advice mentioned here he gives with the deepest respect for you and the greatest Love. He's a little sad that you do not acknowledge what a wonderful being you really are at your core and therefore he now looks deep into your soul and reminds you of it. He is committed to keep reminding you of this. In your dreamstate he would like to 'work' on this with you, at least if you are open to it.


He also understood your desire to remember your multiple lives. This desire now reigns among Light Bringers and will be honored. Please note that it can be triggered in all possible ways. There is not just one way.

This applies to all of you and each of you will in their own way at their own pace become more aware of what once was well known to them.

It comes in layers, starting with your subconscious, layer by layer until eventually you are returned to full consciousness and you will know who you are, where you come from, what your mission is and why of all souls in the cosmos it is you who is at this moment manifested here. 

That word has a deeper charge, so you may know that your existence here, in this place now is certainly no accident or mistake, and that nobody has to worry whether their mission is successfully completed. Read it again.

Failure is impossible for anyone and this word has a heavier meaning as well. Failure is an illusion.

We are with you, you are always with us.


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