Nu Kobalan: Your focus will remain an issue...

Nu Kobalan

Ronko, a moon of Nolas is my station. You have given me many cooking classes as compensation for 'income foregone' at the Ronko University.

Shall we use pen and paper?

My origin is Sirian. I am your teacher at the University of Ronko. Apple of my eye, always inquisitive but easily bored. Your focus will remain an issue. You flutter about and just when you've driven me almost to despair you give proof of using everything you've ever learned most effectively under the given circumstances. 

A student who is a teacher.

You ask specifically about memories and the cheeky smile on your face shows that something deep inside of you is stirred. That's enough for now. 

I look forward to our reunion, you have many friends here, traveler from afar. Namaste

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