Valme'ata: Many are no longer in a deep sleep


Nalumian ships have arrived and taken positions alongside Federation ships
to clearly convey our intentions again to people that persist in darkness at all costs. The sheer numbers are tremendous, so their position really can no longer be maintained.

The gate is wide open for Light from other dimensions
to assist.

The call of Earth and her children silenced the discord of the few who just revel in abuse of their ability to create whatever their hearts let them know.

"What is the function of the ships?" *

Many are no longer in a deep sleep because their memories are coming to the surface. Not much will be needed even for them to awaken from this bad dream.

Where Light is anchored there is no room for darkness.

Not much longer now.
Know that we are with you.


* Valme'ata said that he could not fully answer this questionfor obvious reasons. But I thought I could always try. Of course the term Nalumian ships triggered my curiosity to hear more 'news' from 'home'.

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