Valme'ata: Love is definitely the better choice

may 5 2012

I welcome you today, as I welcome all of you who read this message. What more is there to say about this day of the full moon, the day that many of you commit to the idea of the ​​coming events and the vision of how it will be on the new Earth. We look forward immensely to this joint interaction with you, our hearts overflowing with joy.

The last threads are being used and the weave will be complete, the structure and design is a feast for the eyes. The idea that you had before you started was very nice, but the end result exceeds even your highest expectations, your gaze is always drawn to it and your heart is always delighted with what you see. So it is with this joint venture between us all. The radiant beauty of the final result will amaze everyone.

But deep in your heart you know that this is the outcome, time and again this is pointed out to you, hold on to this
knowing. Countless civilizations contribute in their own way to the progress of this process and you may know that we are in jubilant mood because of what we see. You are reaching deeper into yourself for Love, forgiveness and above all patience. Continue to do this.

Communication with us is going to expand, we are looking forward to that very much. Deliberate attempts to spread disinformation can be expected under these circumstances, but it becomes a "hot cookie" to mislead you, by your steadfastness your fellow humans can also quickly pierce through these attempts
, unless they are determined to go for this fear scenario.

We are aware of your chat with Horiss*. The Council agrees with your 'statement' and though this is a matter that can be discussed only after first contact, it is good that you realize that the choice for darkness by a number of members of a race does not mean that the whole race is in darkness and should be portrayed as such. This applies equally to the human race.  

If you can choose between fear and Love, Love is definitely the better choice.

We are with you.

* Horiss is a reptilian commander from Lacone as mentioned in 'Voices of the Universe' by Suzanne Ward

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