Valme'ata: Give priority to your body


Sit at the computer.

Why should we still use the old way of contact if new ways are available? Have faith.

Give priority to
your body, the energies that you are dealing with are strong and will come through increasingly stronger. Pamper yourself with rest, bathing, and walks in nature. Eat light, drink water, lots of water.

'This is what everyone else says'

That's because it is so. It is important to keep your balance and to prepare. Do everything possible to be good for your body in every way imaginable. Visualize beautiful things, focus on them.

Have a picture in mind that you can always fall back on during the day, a flower, a landscape, a beautiful song that you hear over and over in your mind, imagine a color that makes you happy, a pattern with which you feel a deep connection, an animal that makes you smile. A bright blue sky with clouds in the background, a sports car that makes your heart beat faster, for those of you who get excited about this kind of vision ;)

Everything that comes to mind that can lift your mood. This is when your heart opens, you know the feeling. When you feel like embracing the whole world and breathe deeply. Sometimes our heart is so tight, that we are not able to breathe more deeply, our mood is low and we are constantly focused on concerns. Sometimes your health will not allow it, to open your heart and breathe deeply, systems in your body are fired up and difficult to calm. Then we still say to you: breathe! Breathe in Light (Light with capital L), see it and take your time. Think of it as food that is highly necessary.

We appreciate that you have ensured that people around have some canned food in stock for emergencies, that is what we advised you, but realize that your body is not only in need for such food. It
especially needs a decent amount of Light under such circumstances. Light (read: Love) is the best thing to have on stock. Go further than you have done do far, stretch it even further, bulldoze over any restrictions that come to mind with this Light. Send EVERYBODY love, as much as possible and make sure to include yourself. 

Sometimes you withhold Love, because you disagree with someone's point of view, we ask that you let go of this idea. No one follows the exact same road at any point in what you call time, opinions do not just occur at some point, they grow and develop, they are driven by experience and everyone's experiences are unique, everyone follows a unique path. Would it make a difference if we assure you that all paths at some point in 'time' converge and there is only one point where all the paths, all those different experiences come together?

No experience is useless, growth is the result from each experience and looking back on an experience you know that it was necessary on your path and you have peace with it. Experiences can be extremely painful, cutting deep into your soul or seem impossible to overcome, but that is an illusion. Nothing is impossible, the Creator has ensured that no one is lost. The idea of ​​a deadman's handle comes into your mind and this is a creative vision. Have faith, you receive all the help you need.

However, we keep balance here as well, sometimes it would be inappropriate to offer 'help'. In this case help would actually hinder you in your growth and this control is no good to anyone.

You were pleasantly surprised by the dream you had that gave you glimpses of two other lives. You were less surprised about your life as a drunk that ended in a river, then the happy life as a settler with her husband and several children in which you felt something of the strength that this woman had.

Together with the fragments that you previously received of your life as a shepherd in the mountains of Peru and the knowledge that you already had of your life as a woman that was burnt at the stake, these fragments show you how balance works in experiences. The details you do not know, but the wealth of insight and growth that you have gathered, remains available for many.

We feel the deep respect that you currently have for all these roles. You may also feel this amount of respect for your current experience. Many can draw on the wealth of experiences you have gained and have opened up for sharing, though this is currently beyond your understanding.

We hope you have understanding for the repetitive nature of our communications and we'd like to close with the realization that we appreciate our communications with you very much.


I speak for myself and your Sirian friends, who follow all developments with lots of Love and awe. 


'Thank you Valme'ata and all my Sirian friends :)'

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