Council of Odorlon: Your essence remains forever

Council of Odorlon will begin today to ask you to let go of pen and paper and to sit at the computer.

Start with a deep breath. Feel the peace. Let us know when you're ready. 
I'm ready.

The Council of Odorlon speaks today on the theme of death. You are familiar with the idea that death is not what many people make of it. Your essence remains forever. At most, you shed some limitations. These times offer the opportunity for many to make the transition rather than
to be present on Earth when ascension is in progress for many. What we mean by transition depends on your point of view. We see the transition as natural and as obvious as it is a fulfillment of the contract that you have agreed on before your birth.

In these times of upheaval, many will choose to fulfill their contract, which means that they choose not to be on Earth when this train
is set in motion. They will not all leave en masse, you don't have to be afraid of that. Be in full conviction that everything is as it should be, and nobody goes astray.

There have been many suggestions of upheaval and difficult times to come, do not let that worry you. Anyone who is currently on Earth should be there according to his or her contract and is equipped with ample resources
to endure this period with flying colors. The last bit of karmic residue comes to the surface to be processed, do not worry about this either. It is a blessed time for letting go of karma and it is faster than ever before.

Please take a good dose of joy with you, you have everything to be joyful about. The dead are not dead, a reunion
awaits you with all your loved ones, loved ones that you remember and loved ones who you have known but who you might not remember at this time. The joy will be indescribable and at that moment you will know that no one is truly beyond your reach. Not in terms of 'distance' and not in terms of 'time'. Once you are aware of the true picture a wave of peace will come over you, then you really know what it means that all are one.

The theme of death has been a short theme, it's not what you think it is. It is not an end. The heaviness that you have assigned to it is unjustified. That sounds harsh, but you will understand why when you reunite.

Consciousness is the key in the coming period. Remain in your power, ground yourself firmly in Mother Earth and when the world around you falls into chaos for a moment, do not be tempted to forget what you know. Get a grip on yourselves at the first chance you get when becoming aware of what is really happening, take a deep breath and know you are the right person in the right place at the right time. You are all the right people in the right place at the right time, with the right tools and the right experiences.

We are perhaps a little frivolous about what is happening in your illusion, because the outcome no longer casts any doubts from our perspective and we therefore invite you to see from our perspective as your illusion falls apart. It may be an illusion, but the essence of what you have achieved has its impact even in the remotest corners of this universe and we are proud of our cooperation and of the outcome.

Our cooperation will continue if you want to and will not fail to be successful.


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