B'karaa: She wants to hold all her children

may 8 2012

"How do we communicate today?" 
With Love

Get pen and paper.

It is not without reason that I insist a little to have this communication. As you know I have been with you since this afternoon, I literally walk beside you. We are here! The hand you just felt on your forehead during your meditation was mine. Things move fast darlings, we could always be with you, but what I'm trying to make you understand is that the "distance" (and put that in quotes) has become so small that your senses, all your senses, are almost able to pick us up "real time" (put that in quotes).

Your Mother, your Mother, keep sending her light, it's so dear to her at this time to feel your Love so close. Focus your intention on her and visualize that you hold her hand, in fact she holds you. Let her know that you acknowledge her as your dear Mother and you acknowledge that you are her precious child. She wants
to hold all her children at this moment.

Much is happening my dear ones. In your body, in your life, your society and above your heads (that was meant to be funny, but I did not see it having the effect as intended).

Have some patience, because there is much that is going on that you do not see and it's easy to think that everything is just as it has always been, but that is far from the truth. Always hold on to your inner knowing.

We know how dual it is for you in the everyday world, to know what you know and to be surrounded by the non-knowers. We deliberately do not use the term ignorant, as we said before, it's purely a matter of remembering and someone who knows, but does not remember is not ignorant.

Have you ever smelled a scent or heard a song fragment and something was immediately and completely back in your memory? How you felt, where you were and with whom ... this is how fast memories can be recalled. Despair not of the non-knowingness of those many who are still un-willing to remember. It can move very fast.

Just like this communication. It was a great pleasure to make contact like this, but as you know you can contact us anytime, we are a mere thought away.

"Thank you, B'karaa"

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