Archangel Gabriel: You are worth all my Love

may 3 2012
Archangel Gabriël

(Tonight doing the dishes, thinking back of a scene from the grocery store earlier today, where the cashier was already severely shocked when I politely but resolutely rejected the "mini's" that they give away, I had nightmarish visions about how, standing on a wooden box, I would be trying in vain to explain to shoppers about the positive aspect of the great changes and the landed 'Martians', when archangel Gabriel came through). 

Let them come to you and do not worry about what to say or how you should bring the news.  

Most important for now is to love yourself and you will receive help. You are not the only one with this issue, it is a major hurdle for many. But the image that you have of yourself is COMPLETELY unjustified! You have been struggling with it for many lifetimes and now the time has come to transmute this once and for all.  

Relationships have also been such a major hurdle for you and you received immediate and intensive help from your twin flame Aklo, so too will you be assisted with this last major issue. All you have to do is to be open to this assistance and allow the idea that we are equals, that your value never diminishes, you are of lasting value :) 

If you look at your friend ... or your beloved ..., you feel very clearly that they are of value and you would like to make them understand, but they, dear Diana, are stuck with the same problem as you, allthough they express it in a different way. The recognition is a first step, after that we will dive in deeper, because this wound is deep. 

The Love 'rant' from Uriel bothered you, because deep in your heart something was touched. Nobody is more loving than our beloved Uriel, but he is also to the point. The most loving thing he could do was to make you aware of that pain deep in yourself, it first must be healed, it cannot be in your new world.  

We are now one by one breaking free your cramped fingers from their suffocating grip on this COMPLETE misconception about yourself. Because we understand that words alone cannot get you out of this condition, your mind is incapable of healing old deep wounds of the heart, we will of course at your own request to us (hint) (wink) directly assist you and whoever asks us.  
Try to be extra gentle and kind with yourself during this radical process. Go ahead and stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and say "I love you". This is a blockage that needs to disappear, there is no place for this pain in your new world. 

You are worth all my Love, 
Lily of Love

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