Valme'ata: Our cooperation will be fertile

april 9 2012

Take pen and paper.
Just write down what comes to mind.

Without provocation the Cabal gives the final whistle, a last brutal move that signals their demise. Don't get confused, pay attention to the signs with which you discern what is true and what is not. Your tummy, how does it feel, cramped or relaxed. Your body is an excellent consultant where these things are concerned. 

Know that nothing happens without us knowing about it and if necessary we will intervene, but it doesn't have to come to this. It is the fear that is your most serious adversary now, so remain in balance, know what you know and remind yourselves of it. Trust your intuition and don't go down the path of chaos. It is way to late for false flag operations, but they direct all their efforts to evoking your fear and they lose. 

Time has come to say goodbye to your opponents, formidable opponents we admit, but everything has gone according to your plan, the goal has been achieved for everyone. No, the final goal is still far ahead, but for this phase the intended aim is achieved. 

Your opponents are going to leave the stage and it is up to you to work towards an epic final and we are right beside you, like a play where in the end the lovers are reunited. When the curtain falls, the marriage begins, so to speak. Our cooperation will be fertile.

Again, don't let fear in anymore, have faith in what you have learned in the course of time, have faith in your talents which will always surface at the right moment, trust your inner strength and calm. You know they are ready to bloom, your heart has more wisdom than your mind. Trust, trust, trust! Divine Creator is seeking your victory (add glorious to that), what he/she wants will manifest. If someone wants something, never let go.


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