Valme'ata: we are in a very good mood

april 14 2012

Just write down what comes to mind Diana.

The whole world will be rocked to it's core, be prepared. Figuratively the structures that have kept you in their power for so long will be destroyed and will be replaced by structures that will firmly sustain this world. The way of living now and then are worlds apart. Yes, pun intended. (... the pun was in Dutch and difficult to translate) We are in a very good mood, almost jolly. 

Yet we understand that the world will also be rocked to it's core literally, but just as with a birth you know how things will proceed, we are not going to make unnecessary waves here. Keep sending her your love and light, keep her in your hearts. She knows your every thought, not a single connection you make with her escapes her, every conscious intent touches her core. She knows you love her, but especially in these times she likes to hear this confirmed. Every small gesture relieves her pain, so keep sending your love, everyone in their own way, not one intention escapes her.

Also prepare yourselves for what is to come, and by this we mean the re-creating of your world. Dream, guys! Dream big and dream small, feel how it feels when the world is free, free from hunger, free from worry, free from spitefulness, free from narrow-mindedness. Think big, much bigger than that and think together, because together you will create, together with each other, together with us, your star family, together with mother Earth. There is more than enough space for everyone's ideas and more important than to figure out how these ideas should be brought about is to see them manifested in your new world. Our knowledge and experience will guide you so your creations will be successful and bring joy to everyone who will come to admire them.

Our messages are not empty promises, our code is honorable and our hearts are with you, we love you like we love Earth and our connections with you are very precious to us, our bonds have been forged in love, we have known each other for a very long time. I even dare to say we miss you, even though we are always with you. Our joy will be unsurpassable the moment we will be able to embrace each other again. We are very much looking forward to this hug. Your memory of us is coming back and that makes your feelings just as strong as ours.

I think we are ready for today.

With love,

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