Valme'ata: Trust your intuition

april 17 2012

There are different aspects to contact. The telepathic contact you are now experiencing outside the TAUK sessions is the real deal, even though you are not sure about it and you are not yet able to differentiate with whom of us you are in contact.

As we have relayed to you several times today, the message you receive is our responsibility. You don't have to worry about it. You know it is becoming easier for you to stay in balance, we are assisting you in this as well. More than usual your thoughts wandered to mother Earth and more than ever you have sent out your love. If before you were living in 2 worlds, one of illusion and one of reality (we leave it up to you to designate which world is which) you are noticing now that they are blending more and more. Let your intuition guide you, it will become easier every day to understand what your intuition tells you.

(At this point a car drove into the water nearby, major upheaval outside, session interrupted) 

You asked for an image of B’karaa and me, the impression you got during meditation was correct. Trust your impressions. At first they will seem indistinct, but this will develop in time. Trusting your intuition is very important.

These impressions are glimpses of the memory of who you are. Again love is the crucial factor. Let love into your heart, treat others around you with love, treat yourself with love. Love brings back the memories of who you are and that is the most important aspect of our contact. It is delightful to have small talk with your family, yet it is even better to reminisce.

Contact also makes it possible to intensify the process of cleaning up air, water and earth and the restoring of mother Earth to her own pure form. Your help is essential and this in turn will raise your awareness.

Keep on the look out for signs of us in your daily life. When you start paying attention you will be amazed to what lengths we go to get your attention. Let your intuition guide you, pay attention to your impressions, when it feels right you can count on it that it is us, your family from ‘afar’

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