Valme'ata: on the edge of our seats

april 27 2012 

Doubt has taken control of you, Diana. Why not give yourself credit? You've been asking for days for proof of my existence, and even then you still question my touch. You are about to tell a stranger about our contact and want to be sure, since this relative stranger has showed up on your path and she was open to what you had to offer. Afraid to mess up you're looking diligently for evidence, not only for her, but now also for yourself.

Yes, you're an open book to me and I cherish our connection as a precious gift. By now you know that your higher self is part of the Council of Odorlon and also your Sirian connection begins to intrigue you. Diana, as you know there are several places you can call your home. Do not worry, in no way are you able to mess up and we urge you to let go of all doubt as soon as possible, before you actually begin to manifest messy stuff ;)

Your position on the Council of Odorlon makes you no more and no less than anyone else. You all find yourselves in exceptionally good company and your unique qualities combined make you the ideal team to work with. Celebrate your differences and recognize each other's position and don't go back away especially now the real fun begins!

For those who do not understand what is happening it is going to be anything but fun and it is here that your steadfastness is needed most.

Time is running out and we are sitting on the edge of our seats. Everything goes according to plan and as you already know, we are perfectionists. We are however of the type that actually finishes after it has started something.

My own position as coordinator base-operation phase contact, means a very busy period lies ahead, seen in the light of your time calculation. More and more of you will be able to establish contact with us. Those who have already made contact will be able to expand the connection.

Don't stop visualizing and dreaming about the new world to which you all are headed. Don't be put off when for a couple of days this does not seem to work, rest when your body or your mind is not in a dream mode. Know that this is temporary and give your body what it requires.  

Much is being released because it has no place in your new body, let it go, make no more drama about it. Become a little more easy-going, take everything in your stride, know that you are empowered and stay your ground. Especially the coming period. 

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