Valme'ata: time to focus on us coming together

april 22 2012

Get pen and paper.

We are mentioning today your possibility to manifest your reality. Many of you are masters of manifestation, without even realizing it. What you focus upon is not only attracted to you, but it also creates a bubble within which manifestation is a possibility. When you focus on something together it has the possibility of manifesting the impossible in the eyes of those who are not familiar with or are in denial about the principles of this universal law. You however know and acknowledge these principles and therefore understand the importance of staying focussed on the desired outcome. Don't get distracted by what is seen as impossible or improbable by people around you. Nothing is impossible, absolutely nothing.

If you can not quite visualize, focus on the feeling that you want to have. It is understandable that you are not able to easily focus on what you don't know, unfamiliar technologies, materials that you don't know how they feel. Yet these details will slowly seep into your reality. First as a concept that you hear somewhere, or something you encounter in a dream... by this time you must surely have an idea what dreams really are.  

Your dreams, daydreams, fantasies are great connections with your higher self, inspiration, creativity, passion, meditation, all offer the opportunity to serve as direct conduits. Listen, watch, be open to what comes through and grab with both hands the opportunity these signals give you to shape your manifestations. Give yourselves permission to dream, to see it clearly before you, unhampered by any limitations whatsoever. What is not, will surely come, unless you begin to manifest something else.  

Do not stray off into negativity, fear, uncertainty, because unintentionally you start to manifest these things as well. The crucial point in manifestation is the confrontation with the seemingly opposite, or the idea that everything will remain just the way it has always been. It is then that you shine your light with force on your desired outcome, it is a letting go of apparent outcomes in the line of expectations. At this point the impossible has become possible. Yes, many undesirable things are manifested in the course of time, but even these things help you to get a clear picture of what you do want. 

It is time to focus on us coming together as a family, as one. Rightly you have questioned every time the word 'your' was used in our communications, Diana, but in your communication with people around you, you could not help but think in terms of 'we'. Together we are very much looking forward to your first slip of the tongue, because we know that there is no separation between 'you' and 'we'. 

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