Archangel Uriel's Love rant

april 29 2012
Archangel Uriel

Get pen and paper

Put all doubts aside, let Love shine and don't hold back. Where there is Love, there is no room for doubt. The events that are about to come ask of you to continue to focus on Love. We can not stress this enough. Everything depends on the Love that you generate, Love attracts more Love, you see.

We are willing and ready to blow our horn
, so to speak, on your signal and that signal is the Love that you generate.

Love is not static, Love must flow in all directions, unhindered and unrestricted. So often you still hold back, deny, because you think there won't be any left for yourselves, sell yourselves short in one way or another, but Love has the quality that the more you give, the more you receive, you even get more than that.

Love also has the nice quality it can never be given in vain, although it may seem to miss its aim, never underestimate the power of Love. Love is the greatest force. It is permeating everything, it permeates everything, depending on your point of view.