Archangel Michael: Mother Earth ... she's glowing!

april 11 2012

Archangel Michael

This day has been a challenge for you, hasn't it? It sure has been! 
Much negativity has been transmuted into Light and Love. Mother Earth, and correctly you spelled Earth with a capital letter E, is delighted with all the support she receives my little ones, she's glowing! You keep getting better and better at knowing instinctively how to deal with her movements. Keep doing this, send her love, like you send each other your love. Did you feel how delighted your heart was?
Yes indeed.
What seems small in your eyes literally is moving worlds. Keep doing this, because this is what you came here to do and this is what you do best. Your passion doesn't always seem to have the desired result, but believe me, it has great effect. It ripples out through the Universe and beyond, as you are always so eager to add.
When the chaos arises, you know what you have to do. Don't try to soothe a situation when your light is not accepted in that place. Just send more love and while you're at it, please don't forget to send love to your own hearts as well. Remember our advise. The main thing is to stay in balance. If you lose your balance, ask us to return you to your calm. This way people around you that are receptive know there is no reason to panic. People often behave like herd animals, and you don't like it, but when there is one calm one in their midst it won't escalate. At first words are not even necessary, all of that will come later and don't be concerned about what you will have to say. What the heart thinks... (the mouth speaks).
You don't have to convince anyone, always respect their opinion.
Yes the awaited, the long-awaited events are moving ahead and before long you are in the midst of them. We are just as pleased as you are and our patience has been tested just as yours has. Little ones, we are with you, always. Victory is ours.

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  1. Wonderful, Jared! Thank you and Archangel Michael! ♥♥♥