Archangel Michael: a different TAUK session!

april 7 2012
Archangel Michael

First of all, welcome back after this short break. I was there with you as you could see in the picture. Our presence with you is permanent.
Now take your pen and paper and wait.


Sit straight, feet flat on the floor, relax, breathe deep, do you feel the tingling in your foot?
Now write down what you hear in mind, do you believe this is going to work?

Yes, I'm sure this will work, thank you.

So many people channel this way, because it comes naturally. You have been built to send each other messages this way. You just don't know exactly how to apply them.

My partner didn't hear my telepathic call yesterday.

He certainly heard it on soul level, but he is closed to these things as you know. This is part of his journey.

He has found a great traveling companion in me then! :)

Laughing is good, you raise your vibration doing so, however your cynicism is undermining it again.
We help you in every possible way, in each moment of your journey, you are never alone. Don't think you need to be privileged to have angels by your side. It is your birthright to get all the guidance you need, the only requirement is your request to us. It is all right Diana, we repeat ourselves often and that is not bad. Your messages often corroborate each other, because in actual fact they originate from the same source, with the same knowledge and wisdom, you know this source, basically we are all one, from the same source, we are the same source.
Messages that contradict each other are still working towards the same goal, going about it in a different way. That's why you must not judge someone else's journey. In the end the goal is the same, to return to that source.

This sure is faster than working with the TAUK pendulum.

Use the pendulum when you are not sure of what you are writing, but it is better not to doubt to start with.

Do I share this with the group?


Sleep well Archangel Michael.

I am not going to sleep :) but I wish you a good night.

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