Valme'ata: our goal

march 25 2012

Together with the Galactic Federation of Light our Federation works side by side with many different Beings of Light, our goal is ascension of Mother Earth and all her children.

(Q: What is your Federation?)
We are the Federation of Odorlon.

(Q: Could you give us more details on that?)
Soon I will give more details about this universe that borders your own through the portal of the sun, but now I'd like to speak about the coming period.
You will go from one surprise to the next and you will get very busy explaining and showing compassion for your fellow human beings without interfering with their free will.

(Q: How do we do that?)
Let go of your ego, send them love.
We are with each and everyone of you. Ask us and have confidence.


  1. Really Wonderful, Jared. ♥

  2. Good for you Jared, this is a lovely blog♥