Valme'ata: it is impossible to return whence you came

25 feb 2016

Once you travel with us, you will never be able to return to the same place you departed from. 

A journey with us is not a journey out to the stars, it's a journey through all levels of your being.

A journey with us endows you with a deep understanding of yourself, of your reality. Once you gained this understanding it is impossible to return whence you came.

Aklo: Focus on your heart's desire now

11 october 2013

Focus. I asked you to re-read the last message from your teacher Nu.

Being positive won't manifest a thing when your heart still hurts, when issues have not come up and dealt with. It is likely you'll feel resentment. And you know what? All of that is ok too. You'll never evolve backward.

I ask you to release all anger, if that is smothering your heart. It is ok to release all of it. You held back so much, it is time to release all of that pain.

Take a look at your life. Are there things coming to mind, things you wished were different. Have people been cruel to you or to the ones you love. Have you been cruel to yourself, calling yourself stupid or thinking of yourself as an outcast or not good enough.

It is only you who can start healing those wounds if you choose to do so. And now is an excellent time to do so.

Reach out to eachother, reach out to us, embrace mother Earth in your hearts, we are all in this together.

Focus on your heart's desire now.

With love,

Nu Kobalan: All is the one that we are

19 september 2013
Nu Kobalan

All is well, beyond the veil of consciousness lies the treasure you've all been looking for. Your world is changing fast and no one will be left behind. Let flow what is flowing and trust in the outcome.

This hasn't been done before, otherwise why would you be doing it? There would be no point. Evolving means ever forward, ever growing, there would be no point in going back.

Love is inclusive, including all. Expanding more and more, yet including all. All is the one that we are.

It makes no sense to you yet, for you chose the limitations of this illusion. Well, all will make perfect sense once these limitations begin falling away. And indeed they already are.

Hold steadfast the Light that you are, trust your heart's calls. You are all playing your part perfectly. No one, not one, is falling short. The outcome is secure.

This we want to give you, take it and accept it. Not one of you is messing up or not pulling enough weight. All of you are fulfilling their own role perfectly, for you are atuned to the inevitable outcome on the other side of the veil.

You are all here because of this connection. Without it you couldn't be here at all. 

You notice "all" in this connection (pun intended) so maybe we are pointing out something very important here :)

Have a good night,